Saturday, 16 January 2016

Colonic irrigation with an anti-parasite implant

   Save 10%     Colonic irrigation with a compound mixture specially formulated for implanting after colon hydrotherapy treatment to treat a range parasites in situ in the large bowel. Comprehensive consultation is included.  

The anti-parasite implant contains: Tinctures of Artemesia absinthumChamomilla recutitaJuglans regiaSyzyngium aromaticum.
Our office in London is dedicated to helping patients discover better ways to increase their colon’s health. While it is important to be informed of what is going on inside of your body, many people do not consider colonic health to be an important factor in their lifestyle choices and needs. The truth is, there are more and more cases of ailments in the digestive tract, prostate and colon because of the unnatural and unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that most foods contain nowadays. To ensure that your colon is functioning at the highest level possible, it is necessary to see a healthcare professional, so that you may increase your chances of becoming independent of the substances that you ingest.
Some of the more common ailments that are associated with an unhealthy colon include parasites, IBS, constipation, flatulence, hernias, hemorrhoids and even some types of cancer. Probiotics are typically outnumbered 20% to 80% because bacterial infections and fungal infections that are not treated or undiagnosed in the digestive tract. A colonic irrigation treatment plan can help to ensure that your colon and digestive tract are healthier than ever before by ridding your body of many of those infections that cause diseases and ailments.
A colonic irrigation in our London office will not only empty your colon, but the consultation process will help you become more informed on how your body works and ways to keep you happier and healthier. The process consists of the initial consultation, initial colonic irrigation with an anti-parasite implant and a program that is set up to cleanse your body of peristalsis stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and more. The stimulants make the body naturally react to an unnatural affliction. The reaction causes the colon to become weaker and the muscles to lose firmness and elasticity. Our goal is to strengthen those muscles, retain the elasticity and provide you with a regimen that will keep you healthy.

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I didn't really like the idea to pay for colonic irrigation prior to the appointment. Despite that I was very impressed how professional, tactful and reassuring Anatoli the therapist was. I appreciate now what he is doing. I believe many of my friend will agree with me. And I recommend to all of them to visit this place

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